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Fintech Innovator, Speaker & Entrepreneur

Kosta, an innovative thinker adept at bridging the intellectual and practical realms of business and technology, is renowned for his entrepreneurial spirit and visionary drive. As a dynamic fintech leader with 19 years of experience, Kosta excels in launching and nurturing innovative tech ventures. He is dedicated to transforming the industry through cutting-edge technologies. His expertise spans product development, securing investments, and international expansion, making him a valuable resource for startups and SMEs.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Kosta has a fiery passion for film photography and off-road motorcycling, allowing him to explore the world from unique perspectives. Through diverse interests and experiences, Kosta brings a refreshing viewpoint to any project, empowering businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving market.


A proud ethnic Bulgarian, Kosta's unique heritage is a testament to resilience and adaptability. Born in the heart of Siberia during the Soviet era, Kosta's father hails from Ukraine, adding to the family's rich tapestry of cultures. Kosta spent his formative years in bustling Moscow before embarking on a world-spanning journey.

From studying in the vibrant melting pot of New York City to living in the diverse landscapes of China, Egypt, the US, and Ireland, Kosta has absorbed the distinct flavours of each locale. Now residing in the cosmopolitan hub of London, Great Britain, Kosta continues to embrace new experiences.

As a loving spouse and parent to a son and daughter, Kosta's personal and cultural journey is a shining example of a life of curiosity, adaptability, and appreciation for the world's rich tapestry of cultures.


Management, Professional Development, and Business Administration Course at the University of the West of Scotland (2023): Leadership course honours management and strategic skills focusing on growth and problem-solving. Modules in vision, mission, values, and employee engagement. Management Course is a UK government-funded program designed to enhance the performance and resilience of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Executive Education, Innovation and Transformation in Financial Services at the National University of Singapore (2022): The programme provided insights into the role of emerging technologies in the financial services sector's growth, global trends, and FinTech regulations. It aimed to equip participants with the skills to offer automation services, create innovative solutions for clients, and develop valuable tools in the FinTech domain.

Executive MBA, International Selling Programme (Level 11) - Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland (2016-2017): This prestigious program equipped Kosta with the essential tools to excel in the global market, providing an unparalleled understanding of international sales strategies and business development.

MBA, Strategic Company Management (Level 9) - Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russian Federation (2013-2015): Kosta honed his strategic thinking and leadership skills at one of Russia's top business schools, learning the nuances of managing companies in a competitive landscape.

PPL (Private Pilot Licence) Course (2014-2015) - Aviation Training Centre of the United Federation of Aviation "Wingspan", Moscow, Russia: Demonstrating his diverse interests and willingness to take on new challenges, Kosta earned his private pilot license, giving him the freedom to soar through the skies.

BA in Financial Management - Samara State University, Samara, Russian Federation (2005-2011): Kosta's strong foundation in financial management was established at this esteemed institution, where he acquired the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex world of finance.

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