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As a passionate innovator, Kosta has been courageously launching his businesses, start-ups, and projects for the last 19 years. Believing in the potential of particular ideas to positively impact our planet. Kosta also provides guidance and support to other start-ups to help them grow. He offers opportunities for talented engineers to showcase their groundbreaking ideas, challenging the status quo and fostering unconventional thinking. Committed to transforming the landscape of entrepreneurship and innovation, Kosta Du advocates for the seamless integration of vital services within larger platforms, constantly pushing the boundaries to bring about meaningful change.


Dapio, is leading a London-based PayTech startup that is rapidly growing and expanding its reach to cater to the global demand for innovative and holistic banking solutions. Dapio's vision is to become the first licensed digital bank to cater to the needs of the Borderless Bank for the NexGens market, starting from the Middle East. Dapio has developed an embedded finance provider that simplifies card payment acceptance for business apps to achieve this vision. This platform is built to require no hardware and provides real-time digital onboarding, payment processing, merchant payouts, and more. Dapio provides a mobile Tap to Pay app, embedded app integration, an SDK, and various insights dashboards to help businesses streamline their payment processes.

Wrapped up

Paymob Technologies

PayMob Technology, established in 2011, offers an innovative payment solution that enables the acceptance of credit cards worldwide, including VISA, MasterCard, Alipay, and American Express. As an on-land payment infrastructure provider for next-generation merchant services, PayMob features a multi-banking payment gateway and Smart/Soft POS interfaces. Their user-friendly, dependable mobile terminal and app cater to card payments, bank processing systems, mobile devices, and payment terminals. Adhering to international security standards, PayMob's integrated mobile commerce and banking platform delivers a seamless experience through a customised app for iOS and Android devices.


Dubai-based aTrackTrack sought to penetrate the African market, turning to the expertise of ATH54's team to manage local operations. Our Accra launchpad proved the ideal choice. We executed a comprehensive rebranding, including adapting the name to suit local consumers, and conducted market intelligence, business model development, competitor analysis, and team recruitment. Today, the project continues to flourish, boasting a growing team of local employees, an expanding customer base, and increasing revenue. In response to local demand, the company has introduced new products and is now eyeing expansion into Nigeria.


The venture called upon my expertise to conduct comprehensive market intelligence and assess potential opportunities in Africa, a new frontier for the business. Operating under the aegis of my ATH54 initiative, Chatex successfully established a presence in Accra, Ghana, complete with office space and local personnel. Throughout the project, my team delivered in-depth market research, recruited local representatives, and facilitated crucial initial meetings with prominent financial companies for potential partnerships. Upon reaching this stage, the project achieved self-sufficiency and transitioned out of our hub, ready to thrive independently.


The "African Trading Hub 54" emerged as a strategic joint venture between myself and Safir, a prominent consultancy firm based in Ukraine. Our primary objective was to identify businesses keen on exploring opportunities in African markets, either as buyers or sellers. In 2018, we triumphantly established three companies in Ghana, demonstrating our commitment to fostering growth and expansion. As the focus shifted towards providing comprehensive support for these existing clients, we paused the project, accomplishing our initial goal. The African Trading Hub 54 is a testament to our dedication and the fruitful outcomes of targeted, collaborative efforts.

Bter Swiss

In 2019, marketing and selling cryptocurrency mining equipment necessitated a specialised approach, and this project served as an extension of the groundbreaking Forbidden Forest concept. We collaborated with third-party manufacturers in China to source high-performance mining supercomputers for our global clientele. Recognising the need for a reliable and reputable company to facilitate these transactions, I played a crucial role in establishing a legal entity in Switzerland, a jurisdiction renowned for its crypto-friendly regulations and secure environment. Additionally, I devised the project's name and skilfully crafted a cohesive branding and positioning strategy, effectively unifying the diverse cohort of Chinese suppliers under a single, robust trading entity.

The Forbidden Forest

Through the innovative use of blockchain technology in The Forbidden Forest project, we revolutionised the startup industry by seamlessly integrating superior corporate capital market practices. These include capital call investing, real-time transparent business performance reporting, and public trading of purchased shares. Further enriching the experience, our exclusive Ropemaker Income Splitting Rules feature ensures bespoke and equitable distribution of profits, elevating the investment landscape.


Leveraging the power of blockchain, we created an innovative investing ecosystem that introduced the best corporate capital market practices, such as capital call investing, real-time transparent business performance reports, and public trading of purchased shares, to the startup industry. Additionally, our unique Ropemaker Income Splitting Rules feature allowed for a fair and bespoke distribution of profits, revolutionising the investment landscape.


Crypto-focused investment boutique helped over 50 startups secure over US$420mln in investments. The company has a global presence. My experience fit the company’s needs when the owner invited me to handle their UK activities. The scope of my part-time job included preparing and launching events, investor negotiations, consulting startups, attending industry events and speaking on behalf of the company. When a few recognisable points were achieved, I became a Managing Director in the UK. I successfully onboarded customers and generated revenue for the company.


Initial Coin Offering the project had been performed is the primary purpose of calling me for help. I grasped my fundraising experience with my previous projects. That’s why the owners of the project asked for my advice. VISO issued its tokens on the Waves blockchain for immediate payments. My join to the project brought complete rebranding, vision clearance, and go-to-market strategy amendment. The idea became bright and clear from the opaque, poorly expressed project. My involvement helped to secure US$4.2mln in investments.

Invention Bridge

Enormous deep technological expertise is a crucial differentiator of Invention Bridge. Exceptional researchers and developers are sometimes lacking in presenting their achievements well. At the end of 2017, the company encouraged me to represent their invention on the global scene. My job included branding the product from scratch, creating a story around it, getting in touch with influencers, collecting pre-orders and being a leader. The public met the idea and supported it very well. Even I managed to secure a few selling agreements before the product was ready.


It was the first time I tried the CTO role at a startup. It was a really cool experience, indeed. Even without coding experience, I was able to manage software developers and invent the whole solution. Infeedex, an animal feed formulation platform, belongs to an Irish company called Aine NutriScience. My job was to transform the deep team’s knowledge in the industry of feeding dairy cows into a useful, scalable online platform. I managed to add a technology that explores and analyse field grass by drones with near-infrared cameras to provide precise information to the system. It was a significant value-added to optimise the rations better.

Elvees NeoTek

Working on the most complex project of my career, I collaborated with a company specialising in advanced security technologies, such as multi-spectral computer vision and sphere radar for drone attack protection. Tasked with devising an International Growth Plan to tap into the Middle East market, I successfully identified the perfect customer base for the company. Following the implementation of my strategy, the company elevated its global ambitions and secured a strong presence throughout the Middle East.


Spearheading the groundbreaking CountBOX business singlehandedly, I devoted six years of my life to building a cutting-edge start-up that revolutionised footfall counting systems for brick-and-mortar retailers. My passion led me to pursue an MBA and secure nearly a million-dollar investment, expanding our global presence. Boasting a clientele including Mitsubishi, Swarovski, Leroy Merlin, Harley Davidson, and Specialized Bikes, CountBOX transformed over 3,200 retail locations worldwide. Despite our success, the venture ultimately succumbed to investor pressure and insufficient budget for US market expansion. Nonetheless, it remains a testament to my entrepreneurial spirit and drives.


AK-Techno, a certified security system integrator, delivers bespoke security solutions across Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Belarus. Our expert team of over 50 employees, including 35 engineers, specialises in designing and implementing advanced security systems for retail, warehouse, and commercial facilities. With an extensive portfolio and experience managing large-scale projects, we ensure top-notch protection and peace of mind for businesses throughout the region.

Global Technologies

Introducing Satellite Installers & Repairs, a reputable domestic chain with skilled engineers. Global Technologies installed 5k+ satellite dishes for various sites, averaging 100 well-organised installations monthly. With 100% customer satisfaction, we educated clients on cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions. Unfortunately, the 2008 crisis led to prioritising daily necessities, ultimately resulting in the business being sold.

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