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Dapio Launches in the US, Bringing Tap-to-Phone Technology to Small Businesses Nationwide

Dapio and ZmBIZI are teaming up to launch Tap-to-Phone technology in the US, offering a more accessible payment acceptance to small businesses. The partnership will coincide with Visa's pilot project in six US cities, including Washington D.C., to empower black-owned small businesses.

Dapio Launches in the US, Bringing Tap-to-Phone Technology to Small Businesses Nationwide

We are thrilled to announce Dapio is launching stateside through our partner ZmBIZI and their smartphone app. Dapio is the first U.S. Tap-to-Phone provider to touchdown and offers this emerging technology; with ZmBIZI, we look forward to bringing speedier and more accessible payment acceptance to those who need it most.

Our launch in the US will coincide with Visa launching its first U.S. Tap to Phone pilot in Washington, D.C., to support the region’s black-owned small businesses. The pilot will see Visa providing ZmBIZI’s Z1 devices with Tap to-Phone technology empowered by Dapio on a six-city SMB revitalization initiative, including Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and Miami.

“With the ZmBIZI Smartphone integrated with the Dapio SoftPOS, we can now create the next generation of mobile merchants doing ‘business on the go’.

This is how we empower communities across the globe to become truly self-sufficient. A one-stop business solution that is also a verified partner for Visa Global Small Business Solutions,” says Alpesh Patel, Co-Founder of ZmBIZI.

“With our technology, networking and community resources, we hope to empower small businesses everywhere to meet their customers in the next phase of digital-first commerce.

Having been on this journey for three years as a technology solution provider and payment gateway, this is an exciting milestone for Dapio. We look forward to working with ZmBIZI to bring a more seamless payment experience to their merchant customers across the US.

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Kosta Du, notes, “We are excited to expand our reach to the US through our partner ZmBIZI. This move will allow more independent businesses across the US to accept payments without the upfront costs for external POS hardware, meaning small businesses and gig economy workers can accept card and digital payments quickly, on the go, anytime.”

This project with Visa is necessary as we launch in the US, enabling those who will most benefit from Dapios SoftPOS technology.

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