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Embrace the Future of Mobile Payments with Dapio's Tap on Phone

Embrace the Future of Mobile Payments with Dapio's Tap on Phone

Turn your smartphone into a mobile cash register

The Dapio Tap on Phone application for Android devices is the future of accepting contactless card transactions in mere seconds.

This revolutionary application transforms your Android smartphone or tablet into a secure and user-friendly mobile cash register, enabling you to process transactions on the fly, anytime, anywhere.

Dapio's Tap on Phone empowers you to:

  1. Accept card payments with ease
  2. Process refunds effortlessly
  3. Maintain a comprehensive log of all your transactions
  4. Email receipts to customers or print them using a Bluetooth receipt printer

100% secure card payments - Provide your customers with total peace of mind through safe and convenient payment methods.

How it Works

After downloading the Dapio Tap on Phone app and connecting it to the internet, your Android smartphone becomes a stand-alone payment device linked to your business's bank account. The app facilitates seamless transactions, instantly transferring the funds from your customers' cards to your bank account.

Performing transactions is as simple as entering the amount and having your customers tap their card. The user-friendly interface ensures quick and efficient transactions.

All transactions are logged on your device, while the customer's bank details remain encrypted and securely stored in the cloud.

Why Choose Dapio Tap on Phone?

  1. Transact on the go - Break free from location constraints and conduct secure transactions anytime, anywhere.
  2. Enhance customer experience - Reduce waiting times and queues, providing a more satisfying experience and enabling you to serve more customers per hour.
  3. Ideal for mobile businesses - This app is perfect for food trucks, mobile bars, flea market vendors, and traveling salespeople.
  4. Embrace cashless societies - Stay ahead of the curve by offering a user-friendly, cash-free payment system.
  5. Cost-effective alternative - Save money by opting for Dapio's affordable software, allowing you to invest in other aspects of your business.
  6. Maximize sales and satisfaction - Streamline transactions and elevate the customer experience with this easy-to-use app.

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Propel your business into the future and prepare for cashless societies with Dapio's innovative Tap on Phone technology.

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