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FinTech Scotland Seizes New Horizons: UK Government Boosts Financial Regulation Innovation

FinTech Scotland secures UK Government funding for a new centre of excellence, The Financial Regulation Innovation Lab. The initiative aims to revolutionise financial regulation, and risk management and enhance fintech innovation across the UK.

FinTech Scotland Seizes New Horizons: UK Government Boosts Financial Regulation Innovation

FinTech Scotland has successfully garnered UK Government funding to stimulate innovation within the nation's thriving fintech cluster. This financial support aims to advance research and promote ingenuity in financial regulation.

In collaboration with industry partners, Strathclyde and Glasgow universities, FinTech Scotland's initiative encompasses the establishment of a state-of-the-art centre of excellence, named The Financial Regulation Innovation Lab. This pioneering collaborative endeavour will concentrate on harnessing new technologies to enhance efficiency, transform risk management, and mould future regulatory advancements. This will ultimately propel the UK to the forefront of fintech innovation and financial regulation.

This fresh injection of funds is part of a larger triumph for Glasgow City Region, as the UK Government seeks to accelerate the expansion of 'high-potential innovation clusters' in Glasgow, Greater Manchester, and the West Midlands. The Innovation Accelerator Programme will see projects in these regions commence in spring, following Innovate UK's standard due diligence procedures.

The investment in Glasgow's fintech sector highlights the nationwide dedication to driving fintech innovation across the UK. The Financial Regulation Innovation Lab empowers FinTech Scotland to realise one of the strategic recommendations set forth in the Fintech Research & Innovation Roadmap, launched in March 2022. This aligns with the recently unveiled UK innovation initiative, the CFIT, established in response to the HM Treasury Fintech Sector Review.

FinTech Scotland will lead the development of the Lab, initially focusing on:

  • A sandbox for testing and refining fintech innovations in line with industry demand
  • A facility for cultivating new businesses with expedited paths to commercial success
  • Industry-driven academic research to further technology deployment in finance
  • A technology-centric skills programme for risk and regulatory professionals
  • Researched, data-driven input to advance financial regulation policy

Nicola Anderson, CEO at FinTech Scotland, expressed her delight at the UK Government's recognition of Glasgow's high-growth potential for fintech innovation. She emphasised that the Innovation Accelerator funding will significantly aid progress. The Financial Regulation Innovation Lab unites industry partners, fintech entrepreneurs, universities, and regulators to revolutionise financial regulation and risk management through technology and data. The results will shape future employment and elevate fintech ambitions in Scotland and throughout the UK.

Charlotte Crosswell OBE, Chair at the Centre for Finance, Innovation and Technology (CFIT), echoed the excitement surrounding the Financial Regulation Innovation Lab's development, both for Glasgow and the UK. She underlined the nation's vast potential for fintech innovation and stressed the importance of leveraging regional strengths by uniting experts across the finance and technology ecosystem. As a key mission of CFIT, the organisation is thrilled to support FinTech Scotland in its ongoing impact, identifying fintech growth opportunities and fostering innovation acceleration across the UK.

Among the fintech community eagerly anticipating the benefits of this new initiative is the startup Dapio. As part of FinTech Scotland's community, Dapio is looking forward to leveraging the advantages brought forth by the Financial Regulation Innovation Lab and the collaborative efforts of industry partners, universities, and regulators.

For more information, visit the official announcement at FinTech Scotland.

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