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Meta Dapio: Simplifying Payments in the Metaverse While Ensuring Safety and Convenience

Meta's embrace of the Metaverse technology signals a new era of online connectivity. As payments providers, we are committed to ensuring that customers have the same rights and safeguards they expect in the real world.

Meta Dapio: Simplifying Payments in the Metaverse While Ensuring Safety and Convenience

When one of the largest social media companies in the world pivots to embrace metaverse technologies, what once seemed a distant future suddenly starts to recede. Meta might be leading the race, but many companies worldwide are gearing themselves up for what will likely become the next frontier for online connectivity.

If you’re still unsure what the Metaverse is or what it has in store for everyday people, don’t worry - not many people do. But whatever it looks like, we think it’s essential that its users receive the same rights, benefits, and safeguards offered in the real world. As a future-focused payments provider, we’re keen to ensure customers won’t need to compromise on such expectations when making meta transactions.

In this article, we’ll explore key challenges and concerns to address so customers can shop confidently in the Metaverse.


Innovation in the payments industry has made great strides since the pandemic. With shoppers forced to transact online, a new wave of fintechs has emerged to help foster seamless ways of paying for goods and services.

We’ve learnt that consumers can be flexible when adopting new payment technologies. But are they ready to embrace a whole new payment paradigm? Like trundling your virtual shopping trolley through a virtual supermarket aisle, then checking out with a single tap, as envisioned in a recent video released by Walmart?

One source of friction could be the emergence of cryptocurrencies - which are becoming the critical payment method for Metaverse transactions. Despite making huge strides in recent years, crypto payments still suffer from slow transaction speeds and a lack of scalability. This means they’re still unsuitable for day-to-day use compared to standard fiat currencies. Will crypto payments become as seamless as they need to be for Metaverse customers, or could this prove a potential stumbling block?

Fraud prevention

Sophisticated technologies require sophisticated safeguards to protect them. While many platforms rely on two-step authentication and backup codes to protect online users, this likely won’t be enough for those entering the Metaverse.

Advanced authentication measures like facial and behavioural biometrics will play a significant role in this new model. Unfortunately, this will also give rise to new types of payment fraud, which will become more lifelike and dangerous than at present. You might see the increased prevalence of facial distortion and altered physical identities to gain illegal access to users’ accounts. Metaverse payment providers, therefore, must employ innovative technologies to stamp down on illicit activity, such as fraud and money laundering.

The power of choice

It seems like customers these days have a wide variety of payment methods at their disposal when checking out. And from a business standpoint, providing them is becoming more accessible than ever. Dapio’s Tap to Pay technology is one example where any inefficiencies in the system have been comprehensively ironed out. So will the same ease and convenience be present in the Metaverse?

We think we have the answer. And its name? Meta Dapio.

Ever at the forefront of emerging payment technologies, we’re committed to delivering high-quality customer experiences in the Metaverse. Our talented team is already planning and developing comprehensive payment solutions to help keep consumers safe and satisfied. Its mission statement is to create a ‘payment gateway that not only removes transaction fees but enhances the metaverse values of equality, accessibility, and transparency.’

Right now, we believe that payments in the Metaverse are too complicated and expensive for merchants and customers. Buying goods and services in the Metaverse takes more than just a credit card. Doing this quickly is not easy, but Meta Dapio solves this problem and makes payments as simple and convenient as possible.

To find out more about Meta Dapio and the services it provides, please visit our website here:

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