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Tech Titans on the Prowl: Who Will Google Buy to Compete with Apple's Payment Tech?

Apple's Mobeewave acquisition puts pressure on competitors like Google and Samsung. Paymob POS could be a potential contender for acquisition, offering universal access to international payment systems and flexible transaction options.

Tech Titans on the Prowl: Who Will Google Buy to Compete with Apple's Payment Tech?

With Apple's recent acquisition of Mobeewave and its technology to turn iPhones into payment terminals, many wonders who will compete with the tech giant in the FINTECH industry. Two major players come to mind: Google and Samsung. Both companies have previously battled to buy startups in the post-terminal market. It's no secret that news of such purchases can impact the world market significantly. Let's examine the Paymob POS, a potential contender for acquisition.

Paymob is an innovative service that enables businesses to accept credit cards worldwide. The company provides universal access to international payment systems such as VISA, MasterCard, Alipay, and American Express, using a mobile terminal and a free application available for iOS and Android devices. The service is practical, intuitive, reliable, and flexible, allowing businesses to accept payments by VISA and Mastercard.

Paymob Technology is an experienced IT firm focusing on card payment services, bank processing systems, mobile devices, and payment terminals. Founded in 2011, the company develops innovative products that meet all international security standards for electronic payment. Paymob Technology's unique selling proposition to the bank is the Paymob Smart POS, which includes best-in-class hardware and bespoke software solutions.

Paymob's turnkey solution, including the Paymob Smart POS, offers several advantages over similar companies, such as Mobeewave, Cardfree, Forte Payment System, and MyPay. With mPOS, service and sales organizations can conduct financial transactions flexibly without being tethered to a single location. This improves the customer experience by speeding up service and wait times and offers many payment options. It also frees up valuable space that would otherwise be dedicated to a countertop POS.

In conclusion, as world leaders such as Google, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, and LG consider buying solutions similar to Paymob, they should do so sooner before the price rises above the already-sold Apple Mobeewave. It's worth noting that such technologies are convenient for people in modern life, and we want to get the most outstanding comfort for ourselves.

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