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How the emergence of ‘Tap to Pay’ will democratise the payments market

In a recent episode of the IBSI podcast, Kosta Du, CEO of Dapio, took the spotlight to provide a comprehensive overview of Dapio's mission, offerings, and expansion plans.

How the emergence of ‘Tap to Pay’ will democratise the payments market

In episode 431 of the IBSI podcast, Kosta Du, the CEO of Dapio, took centre stage to provide a profound insight into the core values, service offerings, expansion plans, and overall solutions offered by Dapio. What made this feature all the more intriguing was how Kosta Du connected Dapio's mission to the revolutionary concept of 'tap to pay' and the underexplored realm of Android users.

Dapio, a rising star in the fintech arena, specialises in providing a SoftPOS payment engine for business apps. This innovation simplifies payment processing, bringing ease and efficiency to both merchants and customers. Kosta Du's thoughtful discussion on the IBSI podcast highlighted the fundamental principles on which Dapio stands: empowerment through cutting-edge technology, commitment to accessibility, and a vision to transform the payment landscape.

The podcast episode gracefully weaved Dapio's narrative into the larger context of Apple's groundbreaking 'tap to pay' announcement. This tech wave is set to enable iPhones to function as payment terminals, ushering in an era where transactions occur seamlessly with a simple tap. The implications of this technology are immense, especially for merchants operating in various capacities, from small and micro businesses to gig economy workers and sole traders. It promises a smoother and quicker payment process, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

The conversation with Kosta Du on the podcast dissected the potential ramifications of this 'tap to pay' movement. It raised vital questions about how this innovation could democratise the payments market. For instance, it's poised to break down barriers and increase accessibility for a broad spectrum of users. The efficiency of 'tap to pay' transcends language barriers, technological complexities, and even smartphone ownership levels. This development can boost financial inclusion for segments that may have previously encountered obstacles in the payment process.

Dapio's strategic alignment with this transformative shift in payment technology underscores its commitment to progress and innovation. Kosta Du's participation in the IBSI podcast becomes significant in this context, as he highlighted Dapio's readiness to harness the potential of the 'tap to pay' concept and the untapped potential among Android users. The podcast aptly encapsulated the core philosophy of Dapio's offering — simplifying transactions while expanding the reach of modern payment solutions.

The IBSI podcast is a powerful platform featuring luminaries, pioneers, and thought leaders from finance, fintech, and banking. The extensive audience reach, with thousands of listeners per episode, makes it an ideal channel for Dapio to showcase its innovative solutions. Kosta Du's appearance on the podcast not only shared valuable insights into Dapio's approach but also amplified the impact of Dapio's mission on a global scale.

As technology continues redefining how we interact with finances, the 'tap to pay' movement is a testament to the growing convergence of convenience and innovation. Dapio, through its SoftPOS payment engine, emerges as a pioneer in this transformation, and Kosta Du's podcast feature solidifies Dapio's commitment to revolutionising the future of payments. Integrating tech-driven solutions and financial accessibility reflects a forward-looking vision that resonates with the evolving needs of consumers and businesses alike.

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